On my online marketing journey, I come across multiple courses, platforms and processes which are essential on becoming successful in this field.  How do you know which course to do, what course to do, what’s the best method….. or do you just research everything and teach yourself.

There are situations where I have gone with both options so I am going to list the benefits of each and you can make your own conclusion: –

The Benefits of going it alone and teaching yourself: –

  • You will need to have a certain level of discipline to keep on track with your learning, be organised and set out a learning plan. You can work at your own pace and spend longer on areas which you are struggling with.
  • Generally, when you are studying a topic, you are using current information rather than an outdating course. Methods and processes are always changing so you can be up to speed with what is happening now.
  • There are many platforms and resources you can use on and offline to help you learn
  • Depending on if you have to purchase a book or materials, self teaching is a fraction of the cost of some courses.
  • You can build your confidence and self esteem as you learn your subject, opportunities often arise as you get familiar with it.

The Benefits of paying for a course:-

  • Courses are great if you are not very organised and need guidance when learning a new topic.
  • You generally work to a step by step sequence and you have the benefit of using a concept that has worked.
  • Some online course or memberships have an additional support group where you can contact other members or message if you have a query. This can be a very valuable resource.
  • Some courses have different levels, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced so its good to know that further down the line you can advance your knowledge and potential.
  • There are thousands of courses available online and on various social media platforms, which means you have a great choice in the subject you want to learn about, there may be a fluctuation in the price of the course and you can work at your own pace.

There is no right or wrong way to learn, it depends on the person, their financial situation and the time they have available.  I think there are some valid points in both cases, I have tried both, but overall learning via a course has been more beneficial for me.