Green Slow Feeder Pet Bowl – Review


This Slow pet feeder is made from a soft silicone material, it is flexible and easy to clean.  This feeder is designed in an ergonomic maze to slow your pet down when eating therefore avoiding gulping and bloating.  When a pet eats fast they gulp and swallow excess air which leads to bloating.


The silicone indentations make it more of a challenge for your pet to access the food, slowing your dogs or cats feeding time down.  You can still give your pet the same amount of food, the slight rim around the edge prevents some of the food spilling out, although it does not stop the food from spilling over.  I found placing more food in the centre of the bowl helped to prevent food spilling over the side.


The silicone bowl has a non slip base which helps the bowl stay in one place whilst the pet is eating, this bowl is suitable for all size of dogs, it comes in a small and medium and you can get it in blue or pink.

This bowl is small and measures 25cm x 18cm x 3cm.


I have found this bowl very useful for my French Bulldog puppy, in the early days she ate every meal like it was her last.  Using this bowl has slowed down her eating pace and satisfies her more.  I would happily recommend these plates and can see the benefit it has had on my puppy.


Shelley x

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