10 Must Have Toys for Autistic Children

10 Must Have Toys for Autistic Children


I have compiled a list of 10 toys which Harley spends most days playing with if he is not at school.  He gets hours of fun and entertainment from these toys and wanted to share them with you.

  1. Lego

Harley loves Lego, he would happily buy a new kit everyday if allowed to.  He is 5 but plays with the 8-12 age range.  We buy a Lego kit every 2 weeks as a reward for good behaviour.  The great thing about Lego is there are so many themes, it’s suitable for girls and boys and once Harley has spent an hour or so building the Lego by following the pictures on the Lego instructions he shows me then asks if he can make something else.  Due to the amount of Lego he has accumulated he is able to build some wonder creations. We have a large box specially for Harley’s Lego and we have a separate smaller box for the little Lego men and women.  Harley finds building his wonderful Lego creations very relaxing whilst sat in front of his IPad. He really enjoyed building Big Ben.



  1. iPad

We would not be without Harley’s IPad, from the age of 2 he spent a fair amount of time on my IPad when I wasn’t using it. I bought him his own IPad when he was nearly 4.  He has the IPad 4 but you can get IPad 2 and 3 which are now very reasonably priced or there are numerous places to get second hand ones.

There is YouTube which you can look up any and everything, I have set the child lock settings so nothing inappropriate pops up.  Every now and then I go through his Apps and update them, add new ones and delete the ones he doesn’t play with.  At the moment he spends a lot of time on YouTube and loves anything to do with Dinosaurs and Lego.

img_2356new ipad-cover


  1. Building Blocks

We try and keep the difference size blocks together mainly for convenience and to maintain order.  At the moment Harley loves playing with the wooden building blocks and we recently bought 2 sets from the IPlay ILearn range for my 2-year-old but they both really enjoy playing with them.  They are really well made and slot together really easily.

We also have giant building blocks which I store in the loft because they take up so much room.  Harley loves playing with these and loves knocking them down even more.

blocks2 blocks block1



  1. Georello Kaleidogears

I bought this in December 2014 as Harley loved building things and watching wheels and cogs turn. Almost two years later he still gets this out to have a play with, you can position the wheels and cogs in so many different positions and it’s great to see his mind working when he is assembling the wheels, whilst watching them connect and turn.


  1. Paper and colouring pencils

Back to basis, you can’t beat paper and colouring pencils.  We have tried Felt tip pens but Harley is too heavy handed with them and pushes the nibs in.  Harley enjoys drawing on plain paper from the printer and colouring in his own drawings rather than colouring book.


  1. Play duh

Like Lego, Harley can not get enough of Play Duh, he loves the ranges of colours and likes mixing them together.  He rarely uses the cutters, rollers and stamps which you get in the kits, he likes to sculpt the Play Duh himself with his fingers.

play-doh-0637 img_3405new

  1. Virtual Reality Goggles

These goggles may not be suitable for all Autistic children but Harley absolutely loves them.  I limit the amount of time he spends on them, there are great Virtual games you download onto your mobile phone then you slot the phone into the goggles.  Some of Harley’s favourites are a games which you feel like you are sat on a roller coaster, another when you are in the cockpit of a plane and another when you are roaming the jungle in search of dinosaurs.


  1. Kinetic Sand

This stuff is fun and feels amazing to touch.  When Harley plays with the Kinetic sand we have a large sheet of paper out and he has to stay on the paper.  It comes in a wide range of colours and can be moulded into weird and wonderful shapes.


  1. Lining Up Toys

Whether it be cars, shapes, numbers, dinosaurs or anything with wheels Harley will line then up and arrange them strategically.   I think having toys that they can line up has been important for Harley, he has 100s of matchbox cars and sometimes he lines them up in colours or in a row.  If its dinosaurs its in sizes and so on.

  1. Ball Pit

These are great if you have a play room or a corner where you can have the pit out all the time.  Most of the balls end up outside the pit then both boys enjoy throwing them back in.  Harley enjoys being covered by the ball and we have to pretend we can’t see him.


Depending on Harley’s moods we do spend a lot of time at home so I think it is important that he has a good selection of toys he can play with and learn with too.  The toys I have listed are things Harley loves as a 5 year old on the Autism Spectrum, I am aware that all Autistic children have different levels of sensory needs so there may be toys which are not suitable for your child.

I would love to hear from you if your child has a particular love for a certain toy.

Thanks for Reading.

Shelley x

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