Yarn Ball Christmas Garland

pom10 This was such a quick and easy project to create, using some left over wool and string.  I wanted to spruce up these pictures and add a little Christmas cheer to this wall. pom1 You will need some wool, string, some scrap paper, a yarn needle and some scissors. pom1-2 I found by wrapping the yarn over a scrunched up piece of scrap paper you do not need to use as much wool per ball.  I have tried to keep the balls a similar size. pom2 Cover the paper with the wool. pom4 Leave approximately 10 cm of wool and cut, using the yarn needle, thread the excess wool into the ball, this secures the ball and stops the wool from unravelling. pom5 Make as many ball as you need, I made 13 balls for my garland. pom6 Thread the string onto the needle and pierce through the top section of the ball and tie in a knot so it doesn't move. pom7 Depending on how long you want your garland to be, equally space your ball onto the string. pom8 This was such a simple yet effect garland, it didn't take long to make and is definitely one you can do with children. pom9 Thanks Shelley x  

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