Wooden Spring Moss and Roses Monogram Letter


I recently filmed a Youtube video creating some simple Spring room DIY decor ideas.  I fell in love with this monogram letter and wanted to show you how simple it was to create.  I have seen similar designs on Pinterest using letters but you can use shapes, letters, numbers, whatever suits your decor.  I wanted to bring a bit of spring into my home!


I purchased the wooden letter from Hobbycraft along with the fake moss which I know I will be using in more of my DIY’s. You will also need some roses, I bought this small bouquet from Dunelm.  Roses work really well in this as the depth of the roses allows it to sit nicely within the wooden letter whilst leaving enough of the flower raised above the border edge.  I came across these wooden beads also from Hobbycraft and will use a handful to add a different texture to this project.


Start by removing the stems from the Roses, cut just below the leaves.



Assemble the rose heads and moss, once you have the desired patterned glue each rose head and piece       of moss to the wooden frame.


Then add the wooden beads, I found placing the beads where there was more moss creates quite an effective look.

IMG_3022use IMG_3023use IMG_3020use

This simple creation takes pride of place next to my deck and adds a touch to spring to my workspace.

Shelley x

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