Wooden Bead Christmas Decoration


So I thought I would have a look through my craft stock and create simply tree decoration. I love Christmas and we put our Christmas tree up last weekend and I keep adding bits to it, this being the final addition for now!!

So to make this Wooden bead decoration you will need:

  • Wooden bead – medium to large from Amazon
  • Christmas ribbon
  • Decorative string from Hobbycraft
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


Start with arranging the wooden beads into the shape you want and glue them together.  I have made a tree but you can make a star, snowman anything you fancy.



For a neater finish I made sure none of the holes were showing, this also made it easier to thread the string through the top bead to hang.



You can see the glue because it is a close up picture but you can not see it so much once it is hung up on the tree.


Thread the decorative string through the top bead and tie.



I found some lovely tartan Christmas ribbon in my ribbon collection and have simply tied it into a bow and cut the ends for a neat finish.  Then you glue it onto the beads, I thought it looked nice at the top of the tree at a slight angle.



I love how this simply decoration has turned out. This is a great project to do with kids and looks great on the tree.



Shelley x

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