Up-cycle a Side Table in Crackle Paint

It’s not often I get the opportunity to walk around reclamation yards to have a look around, so I was surprised on the rare occasion when I picked up this little gem.  It was a small brown varnished coffee/side table.  I loved the look of it straight away and it was only £5.

I knew in my head the look I was going for and couldn’t wait to get started on it.  All the paints that I used in this project were purchased from B&Q.

The top of the table has some damage so I gave the whole table a sand down using this sanding block .

I then wiped off the excess dust with a damp cloth and left it to dry.

These are the paints I used.

I started off painting the table in the darker of the two Dulux paints.  I painted it against the grain and applied two thin coats, leaving enough time in between for each layer of paint to dry.

Then I applied the base coat Crackle paint.  I applied one thin coat and left it to dry, I was happy with the finish so did not apply a second coat.  The instructions on the tin are easy to follow and do recommend using two coats.

Next I applied the lighter coat of Dulux paint onto the Base Coat Crackle paint.  I applied long straight single strokes so made sure my brush was loaded well with paint.  Within minutes you will see the crackle pattern start to form.  You need to paint in the opposite direction to the previous coats of paint.

Then the last step is to apply the Top Coat which is a clear glaze, make sure you leave sufficient time in-between coats to allow the paint to dry.

I kept the legs of the table in the darker colour and only did the Crackle effect on the table section.  I love the finished look and will definitely keep an eye out for more pieces of furniture to up-cycle.





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