Marble Covered Ikea Storage box


You can’t go wrong this Moppe Mini wooden chest from Ikea. It comes in a natural wood colour and can be decorated or left as it is.  This multipurpose storage unit is so functional and is commonly used for makeup storage or craft supplies.  I bought mine to store my DIY and craft supplies in.  I am loving the marble theme and bought some marble adhesive paper from Amazon.


This is all you will need to transform your box to a marble masterpiece.


On the back of the adhesive paper are red squares so you can cut the paper in a straight line and exactly what you need, there is minimal wastage.  I started off by cutting a long length to cover the top, bottom and sides, leaving an inch each side to fold over to create a neat edge.


The adhesive paper sticks really well to the box, you can use your hand or something with a straight edge to press out any air bubbles.


Cut a small triangle so the to paper folds better.



For the drawers I have decided to cover just the front section, the wooden unit doesn’t leave much space in-between each drawer so this was the better option.


Cut a small rectangle for the drawer pull and fold it down. Then cut small triangles for each of the corners.



Use a small rectangle piece of adhesive paper for the middle sections of the units where the drawers sit. Repeat for both shelves.

IMG_3093use IMG_3094use

I was really please with how this turned out, so simple and effective and took under and hour.


Why not try this using decoupage paper or material.


Shelley xoxo

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