Leather Hanging Heart

heart9 I had some left over scraps of leather and wanted to create a wall hanging of some sort so raided my craft room and this leather hanging heart was born.  It was such a simple project which has created this stylish looking heart. heart1 You will need a polystyrene heart from Amazon, some leather material which I purchased from Etsy, a scissors, ruler, pen and a glue gun. heart2 Start by wrapping the leather around the heart to measure the length of leather you will need. heart3 Cut your scraps of leather into rectangles then draw lines approximately 1cm thick, you can do thick or thinner strips depending on the pattern you want to create or you can do random sizes. heart3-2 heart4 For ease I cut out all the leather into strips ready to start gluing. heart5 Start gluing the strips onto the heart, slightly overlap each piece of leather so at the end none of the polystyrene will be showing. heart6 heart7 I love how this is starting to look,  the different colours have totally transformed this polystyrene heart. heart8 I am really pleased with how this heart turned out.  You can use material or even adhesive cork, I am looking forward to making more Christmas themed hearts in the next few weeks. heart8-2 heart9 Thanks for stopping by. Shelley x

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