How to make a No Sew Cushion cover


After a trip to my favourite Fabric and Haberdashery shop I picked up this fabric, I fell in love with it straight away, I loved the cream and the navy scissor designs but I didn’t know what I was going to do with it.  I came across a cushion pad which I bought on a past Ikea trip, it didn’t have a cover and I thought it would be a nice idea to cover this cushion however I was not in the mood for sewing so decided to create a no sew cover using this fabric.  It was unbelievable simple, here is how I did it.


I bought around 70 cm of fabric and the Ikea cushion pad is approximately 11′ x 11′, the material was just right for this size of cushion.


I laid out the fabric, placed the cushion pad on top and then folded over half of the material onto the cushion.  pillow2

Then did the same on the other side.pillow4

For each end, I folded the fabric into a triangle shape to form a point.  You fold in one corner then fold the other side on top.pillow5


You do this to both ends so your pillow should look like this.pillow7

Then doing a simple knot you tie each end into the centre.pillow8

Repeat again to secure the knot.  If you have enough fabric you can tie the ends underneath the sides.  I was quite happy with how this turned out.  Very simple and stylish.

Shelley x

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