How to make a Knot Pillow

I am loving how this knot pillow turned out, it was really simple to make and worked out quite inexpensive so I wanted to share it with you.

For this DIY project you will need two pairs of leggings, I bought large as I wanted a big pillow which also doubles up as a footstool.  You will also need a scissors, safety pins, needle and thread and pillow stuffing.

Start off with sewing the leg ends of each pair of leggings.

Then the fun part – start stuffing.  I packed mine so they were quite firm and smooth as I wanted a sturdy pillow.  You need to able to bend the legs so don’t make them too firm.

They should look something like this, you will need to do this to both of the leggings.

When you are happy that your legs are stuffed to the consistency you want, sew the waist band together.


Open the legs apart as if they are doing the splits.

Then lay the other pair on top, you can see the pair of legging at the bottom is upright.  Safety pin the edges of the top set of legging to the bottom.  We will remove these pins later.

Now we are going to create a friendship knot, going clockwise place one leg over the other and then tuck it under the next one.  When you have overlapped and underlapped each leg pull them and they will form a knot as is shown in the picture.

Bend the 4 legs over and pin.  Keep it in a ball shape and it will be obvious where each leg should go.  Using the pins enables you to reposition the legs if you are not happy with where they are.

When you are happy with the shape of the pillow, remove the safety pins and sew each end.  Also remember to remove the two pins holding the waist together.

If you want to make the pillow a bit more secure you can tack the bended sections underneath so they are not visible.

I hope you have enjoyed this simple yet effective tutorial on how to make this stylish looking knot pillow.
Shelley x


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