Fabric Pin Board

HEATMAIN So I bought 3 Cork Heat pads from Ikea, I kept one, gave one to my mum and had one left..... and this is what I created.  I had some left over fabric which I purchased from eBay and decided to make a small decorative fabric pin board. heat For this simple project you will need some fabric, ribbon, flowers which are optional, some buttons, push pins, a glue gun and a pair of scissors. HEAT1 Start off by cutting a circle big enough to cover one side of the heat pad. Leave 1-2 inches which we will fold over. HEAT2 Using the glue gun, glue the four sections first, pulling the fabric tight so there are no ripples in the fabric. HEAT3 HEAT4 Once you have glued all of the fabric onto the back glue your ribbon in the centre which will be used to hang the pin board. HEAT5 Cut another circle slightly smaller than the heat pad and stick it to the back to leave a neat finish. HEAT6 I had some spare blue ribbon so have added it to the front of the pin board, this is where you can be as creative as you like. HEAT7 I have added 2 foam roses which I bought from Hobbycraft. HEAT7A I had some white button so decided to revamp my push pin.  All you need to do is add a small dab of glue to the head of the push pin and stick it to the button. HEAT9 HEAT10 There you have is a simple and inexpensive pin board. Shelley x

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