DIY Leather Jewellery Dish


I purchased some scrap pieces of leather from Etsy as I wanted to create some simple leather DIY projects. I did also have a look through some of my old handbags to see if I could recycle any of them so that is also an option.  I wanted to create a really simple dish not only for jewellery, you could use it for keys, stationery you name it.  Here is how I made it.


You will need a Crop a dile which I purchased from Amazon a few years back but they still sell them, or you can use a leather hole punch.  You will also need some pieces of leather, a pen, scissors, ruler and some binding screws which I also purchased from Amazon, they sell them in packs of 50 but they are really useful if you are into journalling.


Start off by cutting the leather into a square or rectangle shape.leather2

Fold the corner into a point then use the Crop a dile to punch through the folded piece of leather.  You will need to do this for each corner.


It will look like this, if you find it easier you can punch the holes seperately.Leather4


Then get the top and bottom section of your binding screws, fold the corners together again and push the screw through the two holes and screw in the other end of the screw.


Once you have done all four corners your completed dish will look like this.  It is the same principle if you are creating a triangle shaped dish.Leather7

I am delighted with how they have turned out and make lovely presents.Leather8

Shelley x

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