3D Pyramid Wall art

I wanted to have a go at this pyramid wall art, I have always been a fan of Origami and it was a really simple project.  You can adjust the size to create a large piece, you can place the pyramids together or apart which creates a totally different look.

For this project you will need:- some paper, card or adhesive paper as I have used.  I used silver and cork sheets both available from Hobbycraft.  You can get a copy of the pyramid template HERE. You will also need scissors, a pencil and some glue.

Print and cut as many templates as you will need, then fold the paper or card wherever there is a line.

Then glue the semi-circle flaps to each other.  I have one more side to glue but you can see that the pyramid is starting to take it’s shape.

When complete they should look like this.

Then on the reverse side of the card or cork, draw around the pyramid so you have the exact size of the pyramid.  You will have one square and 4 triangles.

Start sticking the sides and base onto your pyramid so it is completely covered.



I am very happy with how this turned out.  I think it would look quite impressive on a larger scale.  I hope you have enjoyed this quick DIY project.

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