Udemy is one of my favourite places for looking for courses, they have over 80000 online courses on their platform and a wide selection of them are heavily discounted.  It is a great website to learn almost anything, you can search by the listed categories or you can search for a specific topic, both often lead to you finding courses that you would never have known to search for.

The courses listed on Udemy are ranked by up to a 5-star rating, it also shows you how many people have previously purchased the course.  This is a great indicator in helping you to decide which course to purchase.

Udemy is an excellent platform to learn a new skill which you can develop into a successful business.


Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus is an Online platform where you can purchase digital products such as eBooks, online courses, access to paid membership sites, and software. 

I have recently stumbled upon this website and have purchased numerous products from this site.  The general format is you purchase a Basic front end course or product and then you have the opportunity to take advantage of the upsells, which provide you with more in-depth information.

Sellers on this website are constantly launching new products so there is always a wide selection of current digital products available.



JVZoo is another marketing platforms which sellers can promotes their info products, these digital products can help you build and grow a successful internet business. 

With both JVZoo and Warrior plus you can learn so much information with an aim to creating your own digital product to upload and sell.

If you pay for a course and are really impressed with it, you can apply to become an affiliate for that course and promote it to make some additional income.

I have personally purchased numerous products from JVZoo all of which I am very happy with and will continue to use and promote products on this platform.



Youtube is another great place for you to be directed to influencers courses and digital products.  If you are interested in a specific niche and follow an influencer who specialises in your niche, more often then not they will have some kind of course, ebook or membership platform you can join. 

You also have the opportunity to follow them on other social media platforms which is always an added bonus.  Youtube is a great way of getting to know the influencer before purchasing their product, this is why you will find a lot of influencers provide informative content to increase their engagement and likeabilty.

You are more likely to buy a product from an influencer that you have grown to like and trust.